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Basic Computer Services Concept
Number System
Tools of the Trade
Environment Concerns

PC Bus Architectures
Pherpheral Devices
Input Devices
Output Devices
other Peripherals

Installation and Upgradation
Dissembling the computer
Installation and upgrade
Re-Assembling the Computer

Troubleshooting Techniques
Troubleshooting Resources
Software Trouble Shooting
Hardware trouble Shooting
Printer Trouble Shooting

Installation & Using Windows
Window 98 Installation
Window Installation
Updrading to windows XP From Window 98

Application Insallation & Configuration
Application Basics
Installing Applications
Dealing with Older DOS/ Windows3X Applications
Windows Based Utilities

Introduction to Computer Operating system
Types Of software
Type of PC Operating System
Operating System Terms & conceps
Choosing an Operating System

 Using the Microsoft Operating System( CUI)
The Windows Interface
Using the Command
Prompt ( MS-DOS)
Windows Configuration


Networking Fundamentals
What is Networking
Network Media
Connectivity Devices
Expanding the Network
Repetaers and Hibs, Switchesm Routers, Gateways
Remote Access Connectivity
Sharing , Securing and Accessing File and folders
Installing and Configuring

Configuring Network Software
Microsoft Networking Basics
Installing Ntwoeking Harware  & software
Configuring Windows to share Files and printers
Using Shared Resources

Network Protocols
OSI Model
Protocol Stackjs
Data Transmissions
Activity Direcory
Managing Users Computer
OU Group
Software Deploying on Windows

Examining The Network
Scope of Network
Network Topolgoes
Taken Ring
ATM/FDDI,Frame Relay
Examining TCP/IP
IP Addressing
Sub Netting
Super Netting
IP Routing

Networking and Interoperability
Cretaing and Configuring
Network and Dial Up
Connection Managing server
Website Management (IIS)

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